Graziella Ciliberto.

Graziella Ciliberto.

Born in  1971, in  Vibo Valentia (VV) - Italy, currently lives in Lamezia Terme (CZ) - Italy.

Graduated in 1990 artistic maturity from the art institute of Vibo Valentia (VV) - Italy.

√   Participated in the first international competition of Paining “ Color’s “ in 2009 at the center of Modern Art in Lamezia Terme (CZ) - Italy. 

√   On August 9, 2015, at the Municipal Auditorium in Filadelfia (VV) - Italy, it inaugurated the exhibition "The Great War", on the occasion of the event with which the city of Filadelfia (VV) - Italy  recalled the "131 children killed during the WWI". 

√   From 26 to 28 August 2016, she attended the Maida (CZ) collective painting organized by the Pro Loco, held at the Museum of Maida (CZ).  " Collective painting "

√   The 11 November 2016, in Lamezia Terme (CZ - Italy)  at Tenuta "Statti". Rotary Club charity event in support of the fight against polio

√   From 20th to 29th August 2017 he participated in the XXV Exhibition of paintings, sculpture and graphics works by "Estatarte", held at the Tonnara Museum in Pizzo Calabro (VV).

√   On July 29, 2018, he participated in the painting collective organized by the Pro Loco di Curinga (CZ), on the occasion of the Jazz | Art 2018.

√   From 18th to 26th August 2018 he participated in the XXVI Exhibition of paintings, sculpture and graphics works by "Estatarte", held at the Tonnara Museum in Pizzo Calabro (VV).

√   In August 2018, he exhibited his works at Soveria Mannelli (CZ) in the gardens of the "Palazzo Marasco" and Decollatura (CZ) during the artistic event "Arte in Villa".

√   On September 15, 2018, he participated in the great collective exhibition, "The Night of Artists" directed by Gianfranco Pugliese Arteurop, which saw the participation of 105 artists at the Castello degli Alarcon in San Lorenzo del Vallo (CS) - Italy.

√   From December 6th 2018, he exhibited his works in the artistic frame "Spazio Arte 57" located in Lamezia Terme (CZ) in Via San Giovanni nr. 5.

√ On 22nd December 2018, he took part in the Grande Esposizioni delle Artiporte "Artexpò 2018" directed by Jeanfrancois Pugliese Arteurop, which saw the participation of 125 artists at the monumental San Domenico Cloister in Cosenza (CS) - Italy.

√ On 24 April 2019, he participated in the Quadrennial of the contemporary arts "La notte dei fuochi", cataloged, directed by Jeanfrancois Pugliese of ArtEurop, which saw the participation of 117 artists, at the San Bernardino palace in Rossano (CS) - Italy.

 √   From 24 August to 1 September 2019 he participated in the XXVII Exhibition of paintings, sculpture and graphics works by "Estatarte", held at the Tonnara Museum in Pizzo Calabro (VV).

√ On 5 September 2019, he participated in the "Artes Maximae Fredrich II Hohenstaufen" Contemporary Arts Award held at Castello Svevo - Cosenza - Italy.

√   From November 29th to December 1st 2019 he exhibited his own work at the Fiera Delle Arti Contemporanee - ArteXpo '2019 - - Monumental Cloister of San Somenico in Cosenza.

•     My thoughts on "The trees"

The trees, care for me, look at me, protect me with their love without words .... Admire, wonder of their colors, their changes, their dress and undress. The colors of autumn trees have a special charm, warm colors, the union "between the already and the not yet."  They walk with us all the seasons of life, becoming known through their infinite nuances. An immense good and valuable source of inspiration for me.

•     My thoughts on "The metamorphosis"

Love is the key to change ... that's why I titled this "Metamorphosis" series: transformation, renewal ... Around us, everything changes and everything flows in a steady stream and enchanted...Capturing moments of life, feelings, strong emotions ... So I wanted to represent this pictorial journey.

•     Criticism    Lamezia Terme 14/03/2016 D.ssa M. Leone

His works are characterized by a strong and incisive stylistic united in a material sense of color and expressive. L 'artist mainly goes back to the models adopted by the Art Deco movement born in the' 20s of the twentieth century. His approach to painting is instinctive and visceral type; in some cases the 'artist paints directly with his hands, as if to underline the deep bond and vividly with the matter. The subjects of his paintings are mostly women from the bodies deliberately sproporzionali and sensual, portrayed in various poses. The faces are well defined through slight touches of color, while the looks and gestures meant to express a certain emotional condition. Very impressive are also the various "landscapes" and the series of "trees" made by 'artist with the' intention to represent, not only the natural reality, but rather its own inner experience.

•    Criticism     Genova  18/12/2017   Mauro Giovanelli

Dear Graziella Ciliberto www.pitturadeco13.it, at this moment I am admiring the works on your site. Already a first time, visited quickly, I had the opportunity to be invested with strong colors, however, pervaded by a deep sense of uneasiness, the search for something forgotten in the passage of time between the cavities of our dreams, the cliffs of every nightmare but above all inevitable and continuous search for the lived experience from which to extract indications of what the future might hold. The past does not exist anymore, the becoming has not even taken shape the only present "is", every moment suggests to your hand what to impress on the support. From this springs your soul or whatever it is. In the painting "Autumn" as well as in "Trees" and in some way "Mare" insists the pursuit of your unknown. Quiet, quiet avenues, sometimes lit by timid side light, near, next to "Autumn", or such a glimpse is far, at the bottom of the shady path, fairy or bewitched, where you can find the answer. They do not escape this path "Stupor" and "Everything flows". Finanche "Mare" which, from the title, could suggest blue salt water prairie, or emerald green, deep blue, leaves the observer on this side of two trees that, as sentinels, allow only the view of a secluded and serene segment of the tenuous wave still enclosed between the shore where we are and the opposite consists of hills when they collect the last rays of a setting sun. "Metamorphosis" recalls in the end the same sadness, in human form that in the end, but fine end, we believe it is the only one able to grasp the mystery of the Universe. In fact, one can admire an embrace of despair more than of joy, it could be reconciliation, peace rediscovered. The fact remains that the connotations and the features of the faces, the profile of the man and in front of the female figure, have distinctive features, I would dare to say "lacerating", there is a sense of decay in progress, corrosion not only of the body. It remains to be seen whether this process is to be debited to the "first" of the couple, hypothesis that I feel supported as the "close" of the woman leads back to that paternal in the parable of the "prodigal son", "Lost and found" or "Father merciful "told only in the Gospel according to Luke 15: 11-32. Here is the forgiving female. In his arms he accepts "him" in the maternal intent to stop the attrition of which he is promoter and guilty. I could say a lot about your painting. Continue your search, you will refine more and more the language and remember: You are not artists by chance!
Best wishes.
Mauro Giovanelli - Genoa

•    Criticism     San Lorenzo del Vallo (CS) | Itali| 15/09/2018 Jeanfrancois Pugliese. Graduated from the Academie Royale Des Beaux Art in Brussels with a specialist in History of Medieval and Contemporary Art. Boccalaureate in Sacred Theology at the Pontifical Faculty of St. Francis de Sales in Naples. Director of the Festival of Contemporary International Arts in Italy of the Festival Deod 'art in S. Die Des Vosges Strasbourg. He was Associate Gallery member of the Sago Galleries of Brussels, Artistic Director of Palazzo Campagna in Cosenza (Italy), and honorary member of the Associationes Des Artistes D'Europe.
Landscape painter, prefers to paint forests and architectural structures. In his table, we notice the striated and regular color spreads. Its trees with its polychromatic leaves are made with a mixture of Seraut pountualisme, which tend to confer a lumoniness of their own, on the subjects expressed, through the primary colors, colors that are kneaded on the palette and applied individually on the canvas and then be accosted directly with future and obsessive strokes of filling and completion. His world is drawn from certain and tangible reality - but filtered by the artist's expressive stylistic mediation. The painter is intrigued by vegelatali and architectural scenographies - she prefers intimist painting, but with a strong emotional - dynamic impact, coming from the chromatic light, derived from the same second and third light colorin applied on the plane. Its obsessive woods are grafted in a dark territory, and elstrade that cross them are straight, without secondary arteries, but decidedly strong, decisive, these percorronon and slip directly into the darker meanders, where the external light it is natural and has difficulty penetrating. The nagging question resides with the obsessive modularity of the Ciliberto vegetation, it is not spontaneous, but regularized by human intervention, this puts us in an ontologically different and spiritually ordering condition, in the need to intervene and regulate subjectively the given obiectum, it is self-imposed . This condition presupposes a re-installation initiative that no longer falls into a mechanical but conceptual and human ordinatum. The media intervention carried out on the canvas by Ciliberto is substantially quantitative as regards the phase of the new, on the old order, while it is qualitative as regards the stylistic re-elaboration.


Artistically passionate of the color’s shade by their strength and intensity.

Graziella Ciliberto - Passion for Paintings - Lamezia Terme (CZ) - Italy